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13.8 [New Paperback] by John Gribbin
A Dictionary of Astronomy [Hardback] by Dr Robert Maddison
ALGOL: ICL Student Edition [Paperback] by ICL
Armoured Fighting Vehicles [Hardback] by Philip Trewhitt
Biological Foundations of Behaviour (Open Guides to Psychology) [Paperback] by Frederick Toates
Birth of a Baby [Hardback] by William A.R. Thomson
Can Cows Walk Down Stairs?: The Best Brains Answer the Biggest and Smallest Scientific Questions [Hardback] by Paul Heiney
Cartesian Geometry of the Plane [Hardback] by E.M. Hartley
Chaos: Making a New Science [New Paperback] by James Gleick
Coastal Management [Hardback] by Institution of Civil Engineers
Conversations on Mind, Matter and Mathematics [Hardback] by Jean-Pierre Changeux and Alain Connes
Copper Oxide Superconductors [Hardback] by C.P. Poole/T. Datta/H.A. Farach
Developments in Electronics for Offshore Fields [Hardback] by C. Bedwell
Dinosaur Ultimate Sticker Book [New Paperback] by Dorling Kindersley
Does Anything Eat Wasps?: And 101 Other Questions [Paperback] by Mick O'Hare (editor)
Dorling Kindersley Handbook: Fossils [New Paperback] by David Ward
Dunk Your Biscuit Horizontally: 106 Strange Scientific Facts [Paperback] by Rik Kuiper, Tonie Mudde
Electronic Fundamentals and Applications: Integrated and Discrete Systems [Paperback] by John Douglas Ryder
Electronic Interpretations of Organic Chemistry [Hardback] by A.E Remick
Endocrinology (Integrated Clinical Science) [Paperback] by Christopher R.W. Edwards (editor)
Experiment and Interpretation [Hardback] by Myer H Salaman
Eye and Brain: the psychology of seeing [Paperback] by R.L. Gregory
Facts from Figures [Paperback] by M.J. Moroney
Games and Programs: Mathematics for Modeling [Paperback] by Robert R. Singleton
Graph Reduction With Super-Combinators [Booklet] by John Hughes
Grenz Rays: An Illustrated Guide to the Theory and Practical Applications of Soft X-rays [Hardback] by Daniel Graham and John Thomson
Growth and Characterization of Semiconductors [Paperback] by R.A. Stradling and P C Klipstein (editors)
Hearing Measurement: A Book of Readings [Paperback] by Ira M. Ventry (editor) et al
How Big is Infinity?: The 20 Big Maths Questions (Big Questions) [Paperback] by Tony Crilly
How Long is Now? [New Paperback] by New Scientist
How to Avoid a Climate Disaster [New Hardback] by Bill Gates
How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper [New Paperback] by Robert A. Day
Human Cytogenetics: Essential Data [Paperback] by D.E. Rooney and B.H. Czepulkowski
Immunology: A Foundation Text [Paperback] by Basiro Davey
Inquiry into Life [Paperback] by Sylvia S. Mader
Integrated and Simultaneous Design for Robotic Assembly (Product Development: Planning, Designing, Engineering) [Hardback] by H.K. Rampersad
Interferometry [Hardback] by W.H. Steel
Introducing Geology [Paperback] by Derek V Ager
Introduction to Plant Virology [Paperback] by L Bos
Invertebrate Structure and Function [Hardback] by E.J.W. Barrington
Man and the Stars: Contact and Communication with Other Intelligence [Paperback] by Duncan Lunan
Man Made Life: A Genetic Engineering Primer [Paperback] by Jeremy Cherfas
Man on the Moon [Hardback] by Peter Fairley
Mathematical Recreations and Essays [Paperback] by W.W. Rouse Ball and H.S.M. Coxeter
MG [New Paperback] by Jonathan Wood
Mystery Dance: On the Evolution of Human Sexuality [Hardback] by Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan
Nothing: From Absolute Zero to Cosmic Oblivion, Amazing Insights into Nothingness (New Scientist) [New Paperback] by New Scientist
Optical Interferometry [Hardback] by P. Hariharan
Optical Metrology [Hardback] by K.J. Gasvik
Optics and Lasers (Optical Sciences Series: Vol 5) [Paperback] by Matt Young
Orbits for Amateurs with a Microcomputer [Hardback] by D. Tattersfield
Pascal for Science and Engineering [Paperback] by James J McGregor and Alan H Watt
Photographic Lab Handbook [Paperback] by John S Carroll
Positional Astronomy [Hardback] by Derek McNally
Practical Work in Undergraduate Science (Physics) [Paperback] by Jon Ogborn (editor)
Problem Solving and Computer Programming [Paperback] by Peter Grogono and Sharon H. Nelson
Relativistic Gravitation and Gravitational Radiation [Hardback] by J.-A. Marck
Research in Psychology: Methods and Design [New Hardback] by C James Godwin
Researching Health Care: Designs, Dilemmas, Disciplines [Paperback] by Jeanne Daly
Rocks and Minerals (Usborne Spotter's Guide, New) [New Paperback] by Alan Woolley
Statistical Theory [Hardback] by B.W. Lindgren
The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life [Paperback] by Richard Dawkins
The CIRIA UK Construction Information Guide [Hardback] by B.G. Richardson (compiler)
The Monkey's Bridge: Mysteries of Evolution in Central America [Hardback] by David Rains Wallace
The Origin of Species [Paperback] by Charles Darwin
The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection: Or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life [Paperback] by Charles Darwin
The Science of Seeing [Paperback] by Ida Mann and Antoinette Pirie
The Selfish Gene: 30th Anniversary edition [New Paperback] by Richard Dawkins
The UFAW Handbook on the Care and Management of Laboratory Animals [Hardback] by Alastair N. Worden
The Whale Watchers Handbook [Paperback] by Erich Hoyt
Transient Lens Synthesis [Hardback] by Carl E. Baum and Alexander P. Stone
TREAT: A New and Efficient Match Algorithm for Artificial Intelligence Production Systems [Paperback] by D. Miranker
Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze? [Paperback] by Mick O'Hare (editor)