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A Textbook of Sociology [Paperback] by Graham Sergeant
Assumptions of Social Psychology [Paperback] by Robert E. Lana
Behaving in Organizations: Cases and Exercises [Paperback] by J. Frantzve
Changing Experience of Women: Unit 1 - The Woman Question [Paperback] by Open University
Changing Experience of Women: Unit 12 [Paperback] by Open University
Changing Experience of Women: Unit 4 - Sexuality [Paperback] by Open University
Changing Experience of Women: Units 10 and 11 - Women and employment [Paperback] by Open University
Changing Experience of Women: Units 15 and 16 [Paperback] by Open University
Changing Experience of Women: Units 5 and 6 - Reading women writing/Femininity and women's magazines [Paperback] by Open University
Children in Distress (Penguin education specials) [Paperback] by Alex Clegg and Barbara Megson
Communication Studies: An Introductory Reader [Paperback] by John Corner and Jeremy Hawthorn (editors)
Death, Dying and Society [Paperback] by Craig Newnes (editor)
Dimensions of Society: A Reader [Paperback] by David M. Potter (editor)
Families in Focus: Marriage, Divorce and Family Patterns (Occasional paper number 6) [Paperback] by Lesley Rimmer
Families Matter: Towards a programme of action [Paperback] by Richard Whitfield (editor)
Hobbes' Science of Politics [Hardback] by M.M. Goldsmith
How to Live Off-grid [New Paperback] by Nick Rosen
How to Live Off-grid [eBook] by Nick Rosen
Hume in 90 Minutes [Paperback] by Paul Strathern
In Their Own Voices: African Women Writers Talk [Paperback] by Adeola James
Inside the Family: Changing Roles of Men and Women [Paperback] by Melanie Henwood, Lesley Rimmer and Malcolm Wicks
Interactive Processes in Reading [Hardback] by Alan M. Lesgold and Charles A. Perfetti (editors)
Khul-Khaal: Five Egyptian Women Tell Their Stories [Paperback] by Nayra Atiya
Loisir and Societe / Society and Leisure: Volume II, Number 1 [Paperback] by Gilles Pronovost (editor)
Mass Communication Theory: An Introduction [Paperback] by Denis McQuail
Meditations [New Paperback] by Marcus Aurelius
Memory (Muirhead Library of Philosophy) [Hardback] by Brian Smith
Modernity and Crises of Identity: Culture and Society in Fin-De-Siecle Vienna [Hardback] by Jacques Le Rider
New Renaissance [Paperback] by Maurice Ash
Psychology and Race (Penguin education) [Paperback] by Peter Watson
Psychology and Race (Penguin education) [Paperback] by Peter Watson
Purpose in Presence: Cameos on Attachment and Social Action [New Paperback] by Richard Whitfield
Race, Culture and Intelligence (Penguin Education) [Paperback] by Ken Richardson
Republic [New Paperback] by Plato
Social and Personality Development: Infancy Through Adolescence [Paperback] by William Damon
Social Psychology in the Eighties [Hardback] by Lawrence S. Wrightsman and Kay Deaux
Social Psychology: Understanding Human Interaction [Hardback] by Robert A. Baron
Social Science for GCSE [Spiral-bound] by Jack Nobbs
Society and Social Science: A Reader (Course D103) [Paperback] by James Anderson and Marilyn Ricci (editors)
Sociology of Leisure [Paperback] by Theodore B. Johannis and C.Neil Bull
Talks with American Students [Paperback] by J. Krishnamurti
Taproots for Transformation [New Paperback] by Bruce Gilberd and Richard Whitfield
Teleworking Explained (A Wiley-British Telecom Publication) [Hardback] by Mike Gray, Noel Hodson, Gil Gordon
The Aristos [New Paperback] by John Fowles
The Art of War and 'The Book of Lord Shang' [New Paperback] by Sun Tzu and Shang Yang
The China Dream: The Quest for the Last Great Untapped Market on Earth [Paperback] by Joe Studwell
The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception [Hardback] by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh
The Economics of Europe [Paperback] by Edward Nevin
The Fate of the Earth (Picador Books) [Paperback] by Jonathan Schell
The Future of Gender [New Hardback] by Jude Browne (editor)
The Prince [Paperback] by Niccolo Machiavelli
The Stepfamily Puzzle [Hardback] by Craig A. Everett (editor)
The Wisdom of Forgiveness: Intimate Conversations and Journeys [Paperback] by Dalai Lama
Understanding and Producing Speech (Fontana Linguistics) [Paperback] by Edward Matthei and Thomas Roeper
Us and Them: The Psychology of Ethno-Nationalism [Paperback] by Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry
Walden: or, Life in the Woods [New Paperback] by Henry David Thoreau
Walden: or, Life in the Woods [Free eBook] by Henry David Thoreau
Whatever Happened to Adam?: Stories of Disabled People Who Were Adopted or Fostered [Paperback] by Heidi Argent
Who Cares?: True Stories of the NHS Reforms [Paperback] by Peter Bruggen
Wits, Wenchers and Wantons - London's Low Life: Covent Garden in the Eighteenth Century [Hardback] by E.J. Burford
Young People as Citizens Now: Towards More Inclusive and Coherent Policies for Young People [New Paperback] by Richard Whitfield et al
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance [New Paperback] by Robert M. Pirsig