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A Way with Words Book 3: Vocabulary Development Activities for Learners of English [Paperback] by Stuart Redman
Book of Words [Paperback] by Michelle O'Regan
Children's Talk [Paperback] by Catherine Garvey
Communication, Language and Meaning: Psychological Perspectives [Hardback] by George A. Miller (editor)
Fun with English [Paperback] by Philip Hauptman and John Upshur
Language [Paperback] by R.C. Oldfield and J.C. Marshall (editors
Language and Psychology: Historical Aspects of Psycholinguistics (Perspectives in Psychology) [Hardback] by Arthur L. Blumenthal
Language Policies in Action: Language Across the Curriculum in Some Secondary Schools [Paperback] by Mike Torbe (editor)
Languages in International Business: A Practical Guide [Paperback] by Doug Emberton and Stephen Hagen (editors)
Letters Play: Richard Whiteley's Treasury of Words and Wordplay [Hardback] by Richard Whiteley
Meaning and Mind: A Study in the Psychology of Language [Paperback] by Robert F. Terwilliger
On Your Marks: A Lively Approach to Basic English Skills (Book 2) [Paperback] by Paul Groves
Picture Prompts [Paperback] by Don Kindler
Psycholinguistics [Paperback] by James Deese
Psycholinguistics 2: Structures and Processes [Hardback] by John Morton
Psycholinguistics: A Book of Readings [Hardback] by Sol Saporta
The Acquisition and Development of Language [Hardback] by Paula Menyuk
The Acquisition of Language: The Study of Developmental Psycholinguistics [Hardback] by David McNeill
Understanding and Producing Speech (Fontana Linguistics) [Paperback] by Edward Matthei and Thomas Roeper