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Aldus PageMaker User Manual Version 5.0 [Paperback] by Aldus
An Introduction to Electronic Data Processing [Hardback] by Roger Nett
Compiling Functional Languages [Paperback] by Antoni Diller
Corel Draw 3.0 User's Manual [Paperback] by Corel
Developing C++ Software [Paperback] by R. Winder
Dictionary of Computing [Paperback] by Valerie Illingworth
Digital Computer Fundamentals [Paperback] by Thomas C. Bartee
Discover Linux [Paperback] by Steve Qualline
Dreamweaver 3 Bible [Paperback] by Joseph Lowery
Essentials of Logic Programming [Paperback] by C.J. Hogger
Exploring Macromedia Studio MX [Paperback] by Macromedia
Faster, Smarter HTML and XML [New Paperback] by Michael Morrison
Fundamentals of Database Systems [Paperback] by Ramez Elmasri and Shamkant Navathe
GCSE/Key Stage 4 Information Systems and Information Technology [Paperback] by Roger Crawford
Inside Electronic Game Design [Paperback] by Arnie Katz and Laurie Yates
Just XML [Paperback] by John Simpson
Learning to Solve Problems by Searching for Macro-operators (Research Notes in Artificial Intelligence 5) [Paperback] by Richard Korf
Local Area Networks and Their Applications [Paperback] by Brendan Tangney and Donal O'Mahony
Macromedia Fireworks 3: Using Fireworks [Paperback] by Randy Varnell et al
Marketing Your Business on the Internet [New Paperback] by Sara Edlington
Measuring the Value of Information Technology [Hardback] by John Hares
Microcomputer Models for Management Decision-Making [Paperback] by Terry L. Dennis and Laurie B. Dennis
Network Administration Survival Guide [Paperback] by Sue Plumley
Neural Network Design and the Complexity of Learning (Neural Network Modeling & Connectionism) [Hardback] by J.Stephen Judd
New Perspectives on Computer Concepts [Paperback] by June Parsons and Dan Oja
Orbits for Amateurs with a Microcomputer [Hardback] by D. Tattersfield
Pascal for Science and Engineering [Paperback] by James J McGregor and Alan H Watt
Personal Finance on the Internet [New Paperback] by Graham Jones
Problem Solving and Computer Programming [Paperback] by Peter Grogono and Sharon H. Nelson
Programming in PASCAL [Paperback] by Peter Grogono
Recursive Techniques in Programming [Hardback] by D.W. Barron
RISC OS 3: Applications Guide [Spiral-bound] by Acorn
RISC OS 3: User Guide [Spiral-bound] by Acorn
Shops and Shopping on the Internet [New Paperback] by Kathy Lambert
The Computer Simulation of Behaviour [Paperback] by Michael J. Apter
The Logic Programming Tutor [Paperback] by Jocelyn Paine
The PC Problem Solver [Hardback] by Reader's Digest
The Road Ahead [Hardback] by Bill Gates
TREAT: A New and Efficient Match Algorithm for Artificial Intelligence Production Systems [Paperback] by D. Miranker
Using Visual C++ 4 Special Edition [Paperback] by Chane Cullens et al
Web.Studies 2nd Edition [Paperback] by David Gauntlett and Ross Harvey
Web.Studies 2nd Edition [eBook] by David Gauntlett and Ross Harvey
Where to Find it on the Internet [New Paperback] by Kye Valongo
Windows 3.11 for Dummies [Paperback] by Andy Rathbone
Word for Windows for Writers [New Paperback] by Alan Baines